Clean Cut Look

Guys, it's finally time to break into the style section of this blog and I figured we'd start with a timeless classic when it comes to men's fashion. That classic would be none other than the clean cut look. Before I show you some examples of me rocking the clean cut...

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Spinach Protein Shake

This a delicious shake that I’ve been having almost daily for the past 3 years. This shake is especially good for guys who struggle a bit to get greens into their diet. It also contains healthy fats, and added protein for your nutritional needs. Ingredients: -1 scoop...

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There's no doubt that some days can be tougher than others. Bills are due, you have deadlines to meet at work, a friend/family member isn't doing so well, or something in general just has you stressed out. In this article I will give you 10 simple tips to ensure you...

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How to Get More Comfortable Around WOMEN TODAY

In my most recent article, the most important factor when it comes to talking women, I stressed just how important it is to make women feel comfortable around you. Well, I know even after giving you guys those simple tips to help you become more comfortable around...

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Mixed Berry Parfait

This is a delicious, low calorie, highly satisfying, and extremely nutritious treat. It works well as a breakfast or a mid morning/mid afternoon snack.This dish contains approximately 30 grams of protein and healthy antioxidants from the berries. Ingredients: -1/2...

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How to Get Started at the GYM

When it comes to getting started at the gym for the first time, there can be a lot of things to initially consider. Unfortunately, though, it's my belief that many people often delay getting in shape right away because they believe it's a big and complicated process....

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BLT Sandwich

This a much healthier option than your "typical" BLT sandwich. Enjoy this sandwich for breakfast or for lunch/supper. Ingredients: -2 slices of whole wheat/multi-grain bread/ezekiel bread -tomato -lettuce -2 tablespoons of low fat/light mayonnaise -3 slices of...

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Podcast With Paul Janka: Dating as a Mature Man

In this podcast, I managed to get Paul Janka to join me for a discussion on dating for the mature man. Firstly, though, for those of you unfamiliar with Paul Janka, he co-hosts the Diapers Off Podcast with his close friend, Peter McSweeney. The podcast is definitely...

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Apple Pie Yogurt

This is a great recipe for those craving something more on the sweet side without wanting to bulge up their waistline. It’s low in calories, delicious, and very satisfying. It works for breakfast, a mid morning/afternoon snack, or a pre-workout meal. Ingredients:  -1...

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