This a much healthier option than your “typical” BLT sandwich. Enjoy this sandwich for breakfast or for lunch/supper.


-2 slices of whole wheat/multi-grain bread/ezekiel bread



-2 tablespoons of low fat/light mayonnaise

-3 slices of turkey/chicken bacon


1.  Place 3 slices of turkey/chicken bacon in a frying pan and cook each side to your desired preferences.

2.  Wash desired amount of lettuce in a bowl.

3.  Wash and cut tomato into slices.








4.  While your bacon is cooking, put 2 slices of bread in the toaster and toast to your desired preferences. After the bread is toasted, apply 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise to each piece of bread.

5.  Put your sandwich together and enjoy!


-When choosing bread, ALWAYS opt for ones that have the least amount of processed ingredients. For example, the bread I am using only has 140 calories per 2 slices, 28 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fibre, and only 1 gram of sugar. It also has ZERO artificial preservatives. Ezekiel bread is also another excellent choice. When you opt for healthier breads the shelf life often isn’t as long so you can always freeze some if you don’t suspect you’ll use it all at once.

-DO NOT buy fat-free mayonnaise. Most fat-free mayonnaises have lots of sugar in them to give the mayonnaise more flavour. Opt for a light version instead.

-If you prefer chicken bacon over turkey bacon that’s fine. Always opt for the leanest version possible.

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