This shake is not only delicious, but also very nutritious. In fact, this is the exact shake I have immediately following each workout.


-1 scoop of protein powder ( I prefer to use Promasil by Rivalus)

-200 mls of original unsweetened almond milk (vanilla unsweetened almond milk is fine too)

-medium sized banana


1.  Peel a medium sized banana and cut it into thin slices as shown below. After you cut the banana into slices, put them in a sealed bag, and place them in the freezer.

2.  Place almond milk, protein powder, and bag of frozen banana slices into the blender and blend for about 30-45 seconds, or until banana slices are liquefied.

4.  Enjoy!


-When buying a protein powder (whatever flavor you chose), make sure you read the label. Some protein powders are GARBAGE! The one I am using in the pic above has only 110 calories, 1 total gram of carbs, 0 grams of sugar (ALWAYS opt for low sugar protein powders), and 24 grams on protein per scoop.

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