Guys, it’s finally time to break into the style section of this blog and I figured we’d start with a timeless classic when it comes to men’s fashion.

That classic would be none other than the clean cut look.

Before I show you some examples of me rocking the clean cut look myself and some advantages of this look, I wanted to first share with you some of the basic guidelines that the clean cut look typically entails.

Short Hair

When it comes to the clean cut look, short/relatively short hair is typically the “rule of thumb.”

You don’t have to get your hair cut super short on the top or the sides, but a trim every 3-4 weeks will definitely keep your hair looking neat and tidy.

Personally, I prefer to get a number 2 on the sides with the clippers and a little “trim” up on the top every 2.5-3 weeks.

On huge advantage of short hair is that it’s very simple and easy to style.

I just apply some Paul Mitchell paste after I get out of the shower and I’m good to go.

Clean shaven

Although I’ve personally rocked some “stubble” in the past, I’ve now gone back to being clean shaven and I shave every morning.

It definitely makes you feel refreshed and clean.

However, I realize that not every guy reading this prefers to be clean shaven and that’s fine.

At the very least, though, make sure your facial hair is trimmed from time to time.

This leads me to the next point….

Proper grooming

Although I said I prefer to keep my hair short and be clean shaven, I know that may not be your thing.

Regardless of what style you chose for your hair or facial  hair, one big “no no” is too much neck hair.

I personally recommend going for a neck trim in between hair cuts if you can.

You could do it yourself with a mirror and some clippers or you could just walk in to a hair salon and get it done for a couple bucks. (some salons offer free neck trims in between cuts)

Also, neck hair from the front, aka the “neck beard” is a particularly bad look as well.

Even if you sport a beard or some stubble, you DEFINTELY want to get rid of the neck beard.

Clean, Stylish clothing

When it comes to the clean cut look, clean, stylish, and well fitting clothing is essential.

Although I list the brands I am wearing in the pics below, don’t feel that you “have to” wear the same brands.

It’s no so much about brands and you can easily look amazing without spending a lot of money as long as the clothes fit well, are clean and stylish.

Look 1

The first look is definitely more on the casual side.

It would be best suited for a casual night out on the town with friends or family or a very laid back first date.

The shirt I am wearing is from Le Chateau.

Le Chateau is a Canadian based company that offers high quality clothing at affordable prices.

I particularly like how fitted their clothing is.

Their clothing is especially great for guys who are more athletic and muscular through the chest and shoulders but rather slim in the midsection.

Check out their website here. (In case you’re wondering, I am wearing a slim fit medium in the above pic)

The pants are from American Eagle.

When it comes to shorts/pants, in terms of price and quality, there’s not many companies that do it better than American Eagle.

Although some may consider these pants “loud,” I definitely think they’re a great spring/summer color and most certainly very trendy.

The shoes here are from Lacoste.

Yes, those are some super blue shoes.

I’ll be the first to admit that I have a bit of a thing for Lacoste.

I tend to like basically anything Lacoste related.

Yes, you will pay a little more for their clothing/shoes, but I think it’s worth it as the quality and style with Lacoste is second to none.

Look 2

This look is definitely a little more dressed up and more of a “business casual” look.

This look works great if you’re trying to look more spiffy for a date or if you want to make a great first impression with someone you may potentially “network” with.

The shirt I am wearing is again from Le Chateau. (In case you are wondering, I am wearing a custom fit medium here.)

The pants are from the Express.

The belt is from Le Chateau.

Shoes are from Steve Madden.

Steven Madden shoes are definitely worth considering If you have a moderate price budget for shoes.

They’re not overly expensive and the quality/price is definitely in check with them.

Now, that we’ve gone over some of the basic guidelines for the clean cook and I showed you some examples of me sporting it myself, let me explain 2 huge advantages of it:

Most universal appeal to women

While not every woman will like this look, it’s very much my belief that you will have the most universal appeal to women with this look.

You most certainly will appeal to the well dressed,”preppy” types of women, but you’ll also appeal to the “hipsters,” and even the pierced and tattooed women.

Plain and simple, if you’re a sharp, well put together guy, you’ll appeal to the full “rainbow of women.”

Trust and respect

Yeah, I know, it’s not fair to judge someone based solely on their appearance but I do it everyday, so do you, and, so does EVERYONE else in the world.

Generally speaking, clean cut guys are treated with a lot more respect and trust from random strangers and people in general.

In fact, it’s very much my belief that this particular look helped me a lot when I was doing a lot of approaches during the day.

Not only did I look sharp when I approached women, I also didn’t look “sketchy” or intimidating which could potentially cause a woman to feel uncomfrtoable around me.

Closing Thoughts

So, guys, as you can see, the clean cut, preppy look is, in my opinion, the best “default” look for guys.

Don’t think you have to get super generic and turn into a prepped out “frat boy” but don’t count this look out if you’re a bit lost for style.

It’s worked well for me years and I’m confident it’ll work for you as well 😉

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