In my most recent article, the most important factor when it comes to talking women, I stressed just how important it is to make women feel comfortable around you.

Well, I know even after giving you guys those simple tips to help you become more comfortable around women that it can still be a rather intimidating process.

So, in this article, I’m taking things a step further and giving you guys some actionable steps you can apply to help you become more comfortable around women TODAY!

Order a meal/drink at a restaurant that employs attractive women


Yes, I am dead serious about this.

No matter where you live, you likely know of a place that is known for having extremely attractive waitresses/bartenders.

If you’re not aware of such a place, do a little research and you’ll most definitely find one.

Since you know this place mainly employs attractive women, chances are VERY high that you’ll be served by one.

This is great as you will FORCED to talk to a really attractive woman.

This may not seem like much for some guys, but for some of you it may be the first time you are more “one on one” with a really beautiful woman even though she’s only taking your order.

Speaking of it being a “one on one,” as you likely could have guessed, I recommend going alone so you’re forced to talk to her.

Also, it’s not a bad idea to go at a time when it’s less likely to be busy so you can small talk with her a bit.

Ask her how her day is going, if it’s busy, or something related to the city/season.

Chances are she’ll be nothing but nice to you as it’s part of her job, but also keep in mind that she’s somewhat “financially” motivated to be nice to you since she most certainly wants to receive a tip.

I certainly recommend tipping but don’t do anything too silly with the tip.

I’ve witnessed guys drooling like a dog before over an attractive waitress and give WAY too much of a tip.

The main goal here is to smile, look her in the eyes when you’re talking to her, and try to speak slowly.

Clothing Store

clothing store

Just like the restaurant, you likely know a place or two in town that seems to only employ attractive women.

Like the restaurant, this is good as you will forced to interact with really a attractive woman.

Plus, who couldn’t use some new threads?

However, keep in mind that these women will typically receive a commission if you purchase something.

A big tip here is NOT to buy anything that you don’t need just because a cute sales associate recommended it. (Trust me, some of these women are pretty good and if you’re not careful, you may come out of the store with no money left in your bank account)

Also, don’t try on the whole store and waste her time if you have no intentions of buying anything.

The goal here, like the restaurant, is to smile, make solid eye contact, and try to speak slowly.

Ask women for directions

Hands down, I would have to say that asking beautiful women for directions is one of the BEST ways to INSTANTLY feel more comfortable around women.

Before I started doing actual approaches during the day, I spent a couple weeks solely just asking really attractive women for directions.

Trust me, even though you’re just asking for directions, you can still feel A LOT of nerves doing this.

However, I must say that this sped up the process tenfold for me once I started doing real approaches.

All you need to do is say, “Hey, excuse me, Sorry to bother you. My phone just died and I was wondering if you knew where (insert place) is?”

After she replies, just say, “Thank you very much. Have a great day” and walk away.

The main key here to look her in the eyes when you’re talking, smile, and try to be really relaxed and chill.

Asking for directions is 100% rejection free.

Yes, some women will say, “I don’t know” or “Sorry, I’m in a rush,” but don’t take this personal or get down on yourself over this as you were only asking her for directions.

They probably don’t know where the spot is you’re asking for or they really are in a rush.

DO NOT take it personal!

If you get to the point where you can constistently ask beautiful women for directions in a relaxed manner, smile, and be friendly, you’re taking a big step in the right direction.

Pat yourself on the back if you can do this.

Get a job where you will be forced to interact with a lot of women

This can be kind of “hit and miss.”

For example, if you’re a busy guy in your 30’s, getting a job at the local pub on the weekend so you can interact with cute college girls may not be the greatest use of your time.

However, if it makes sense for your situation, I STRONGLY recommend it.

I know getting a job like this was a life saver for me.

Back when I was 21, I needed to a job for the summer months and for some extra cash.

Anyways, long story short, I somehow managed to get a job as an orderly even though I had zero medical background or experience. (Still thankful to this day to the woman who hired me)

Although I took the job solely because, well, I needed the job, it ended up being one of the best jobs I ever had because not only did I get to work with a lot of great staff, and meet some nice people, I was FORCED to interact with a LOT of REALLY attractive women.

My roles would vary from day to day but they would typically included performing chest compressions if a code blue was called, some occasional “medical chores,” delivering charts to departments, dealing with violent patients, and transporting people from their room to the x-ray department.

In fact, the majority of the day was spent taking people for x-rays.

I carried a little phone with me and people would call me to go and transport people from department to department.

When I went to go get a patient, I had to let the nurse know I was taking them and I also had to find out if the patient needed a portable oxygen, and whether I needed a wheelchair or stretcher to transport them.

Not only were a lot of the regular staff very attractive, so too were the student nurses.

Initially, I was a bit nervous around them, though.

However, due to the fact that I was consistently working around beautiful women day in and day out, I quickly became very comfortable around them and it just became the “norm” for me since I was around them so much.

They were nothing but nice to me and it got me more comfortable around women in general.

This job also made me really appreciate what a challenging job people have in the health care field and I gained a lot of respect for them.

Like I said, if it makes sense for your situation, you may want to consider getting a job where you interact with a lot of beautiful women so it becomes the “norm” for you as well.

Get involved in some sort of activity that involves a lot of women

This is great as you can “kill two birds with one stone.”

Some good examples of this would include:

  • crossfit
  • fitness class
  • dance class
  • cooking class
  • nighttime education
  • photography class

The big tip here is to get involved with something that you actually enjoy.

For example, if you don’t actually like yoga but think it would be sweet to check out the babes in the “lu lu lemons,” you’ll just look like a weirdo and creep women out.

However, since you choose an activity that you actually like, not only could you acquire/improve a talent, you could potentially meet a woman who shares the same interests as you.

Plus, even if you don’t meet a woman directly through the activity/group, if you’re friendly and cool around other people then someone may have a single female friend that they may want to set you up with.

Closing Thoughts

The main purpose of these “drills,” if you will, is not so much to get you immediate success with beautiful women but to give you some positive interactions with women you find attractive and in the process make you feel more at ease around the types of women you’d like to be seeing.

When you speak to more beautiful women, whether it be a waitress, sales associate at a clothing store, random woman you ask for directions, a female co-worker or a woman in a shared common activity it’ll only be a matter of time before you feel confident enough to finally get that woman you want and deserve.

You’ll see that women are really nothing to be afraid of and you should most definitely make a move with a woman you’re interested in.

Also, keep in mind that a bad date or two isn’t the end of the world.

You did get a woman you found attractive on a date.

You did a lot of things right.

Plus, since you’re such a quality guy, you’ll get another date.

In fact, make that plenty more 😉

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