There’s no doubt that some days can be tougher than others.

Bills are due, you have deadlines to meet at work, a friend/family member isn’t doing so well, or something in general just has you stressed out.

In this article I will give you 10 simple tips to ensure you have a good day.

Get a good night’s sleep

You need to make sure you start the day off on the right foot.

When you sleep for 7-8 hours the night before your day will be MUCH better.

You’ll be in a good mood, feel well rested and be mentally alert.

Eat REAL food

Ditch the vending machine and fast food and either pack a healthy lunch or go out to eat somewhere healthy.

When you eat real food your mind will feel much sharper, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll just be more happy in general.

Stick to healthy protein sources, complex carbs, and fruits and vegetables.

Listen to music/podcasts as often as you can

Listening to your favorite music/podcasts whenever you can will have a very positive impact on your day.

When you wash the dishes, clean your place, or drive to work, crank up your favorite tunes or podcast(s).

Listening to music/podcasts while you do mundane tasks will make them so much more enjoyable.

Smile often

When you smile you instantly feel happier in general.

Try smiling a little more today.

Smile at someone as you cross the street, the cashier, or someone you know at a shared common activity.

Be kind to others

Like smiling, when you do something nice for others it will instantly make you feel better about yourself.

It doesn’t have to be much but even something as simple as holding the door open for someone, letting a person cross the street as you’re driving, or giving a homeless person a little change if you can sense they really need it will make you feel so much better.

Speak to someone who is supportive

I’m sure you have a family member or friend in your life who is super encouraging, positive and supportive.

Even if you’re not able to have a full conversation with them in person or on the phone, reach out to them through text and watch how much better your day will become with even just a little communication from them.

Be thankful

Take a moment out of the day and think about a few things you are thankful for.

I’m sure you could easily take out a piece of paper and write down at least 5 things about yourself that you really like and should be thankful for.

Yeah, sure, you could use a few extra zero’s on your bank account, your body could be more fit, etc., etc.but think of the great things you have going for you in your life right now.

Completely forget the negativity and focus on the good.

Speaking of negativity….

Avoid negativity at ALL costs

This may mean different things for different people but avoid absolutely ANYTING that will make you feel negative.

Perhaps you have to ignore the news for the day?

Perhaps there’s a friend or family member who will only wear you down?

Perhaps you may need to avoid certain websites for the day?

Allow for some “you time”

Hey, it’s perfectly fine and dandy to have a girlfriend/wife, friends, and family members you care about and like to spend time with but allow for a little “you time.”

Watch a tv show you enjoy.

Look up vacation spots that you’d like to travel to.

Take a more in depth look into that vehicle you’d like to own.

Write down some goals you’d like to achieve this month.


When you exercise you body releases endophrins which drastically improves your mood.

I personally find going to the gym early in the morning puts me in a much better mood for the rest of the day.

Even if weightlifting at the gym isn’t your thing, try to get in a short walk or run if possible.

Closing Thought

Put these simple tips into place and watch just how amazing your day turns out!


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