When it comes to talking to women, it’s a rather simple process.

No, really, it is.

In fact, what you actually say isn’t even that important.

How you it, is, however, is VERY important.

Anyhow, rather than keeping you guys wondering for any longer what the most important factor is when talking to women, I’ll spill the beans…


This took me a lot of time to figure out and it was a VERY painful and frustrating process along the way.

I’d always taken rather good care of myself physically but would often do quite poorly around women because, well, frankly, I was a nervous wreck around them.

In fact, when I younger, I was once told that I didn’t make a good “wingman” because I didn’t know how to talk women and would screw things up by talking about poker and tanning.

For some reason, I thought tanning was a common theme? (Looking back, I have to wonder what I was thinking, if, in fact, I even was?)

However, over time, I got more and more comfortable around women and eventually got to the point where I could build instant rapport around them.

If I can go from being a nervous wreck to being super confident and relaxed around women, the good news, friend, SO CAN YOU!

Below are some tips that I found really helped me become more comfortable around women and I’m confident they’ll work for you as well.

Always be Improving Yourself

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again, “Be the best you can with what you have.”

When you improve yourself to the best of your abilities in EVERY area of your life, your self-esteem will skyrocket, and as a result, you’ll become more comfortable and confident around women since you’ll know you’re the type of guy they want to meet.

As a “by-product” of you being so comfortable with yourself, women will feel more comfortable around you since you’re so relaxed.

Speaking of relaxing…

Just Relax

relaxedThis is easier said than done.

However, you need to relax and be a “chill,” cool guy.

I think the BIGGEST reasons I was able to do so well approaching women during the day is because I was so relaxed and laid back.

This calm and collected vibe made women instantly feel calm and relaxed as well.

Keep in mind that just as you don’t want to screw things, neither does she.

She wants to go on a date with you as well.

Take a deep breathe and “loosen up” up a bit.

You’ll do just fine!


A warm, friendly smile is one of the quickest ways to make a woman instantly feel more at ease around you.

Not only that, but a nice smile is also one of the fastest ways to turn a woman on.

I must admit that I was blessed to be born with such great teeth.

Since I was blessed with such amazing teeth and women love a nice smile, I instantly smile around a beautiful woman to not only make her feel more at ease but also to use my pearly whites to my advantage to turn her on as well.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you don’t need to smile the whole time you’re interacting with a woman but don’t think it’s “weak behavior.”

Women LOVE it when you have a nice smile and it will make her feel more comfortable around you INSTANTLY.

Your Appearance

There’s denying that different men have different tastes when it comes to their style.

Although I rock a “clean cut, preppy look” myself, I understand it’s the not the look that every guy will prefer and that’s totally fine.

Whatever your look is, at the very least, make sure your clothes fit well and your grooming is up to snuff.

This will make the world of difference in making women feel more comfortable around you.

Be Modest and Polite

Despite what you may have read online, being super cocky and overly confident is almost an INSTANT turnoff to any woman with a little self respect.

Women can sense this right away and rather than giving off a “masculine” or “alpha” vibe, you come off as a try hard instead.

I actually recommend the exact opposite approach.

I’ve always found being modest, polite, laid back, and friendly worked best.

Again, like smiling, you don’t need to go to extremes with this, but don’t overlook being polite and modest.

Use Clean Language

I STRONLGY discourage swearing around women.

You come off as a low status man and most women will be totally turned off when you use vulgar language.

Yeah, sure, the odd word can slip here and there but don’t think you’re “raising your value” by using crude language.

Think about how weird it is to you when a total stranger starts swearing in front of you.

Well, it’s same thing when you do this around women.

Closing Thought

I firmly believe if you put these simple tips into place that your results with women will SOAR!

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