It’s no secret that it can be BRUTAL out there in the dating world at times.

You match with 10 girls on Tinder and none of them reply back when you message them.

You finally had the balls to make a move on that cutie at the gym.

She initially seemed eager to meet up with you but then on the day of the date she cancels for no apparent reason and from then on she totally avoids you like the plague.

Anyone who has ever put any amount of effort into their “dating career” has most certainly encountered these types of frustrations and setbacks.

Well, what if I told you there was a simple, yet VERY effective way to reduce frustrations with women?

Here it is….

QUICKLY move on from women who aren’t interested!

One of the main reasons you don’t hear me spouting non-stop misogyny like 95% of men’s improvement bloggers do nowadays is because I wouldn’t allow myself to get to the point of massive frustration with some women.

Rather than continuing to pursue women who clearly weren’t interested, I would just quickly move on instead.

For example, there’s no doubt many of you have likely heard a woman say “Maybe” or “Can I get back to you on that/I’ll let you know next week” when asking for a date.

When you continue to message women like this and they continue to be flaky and show zero signs of interest, your level of frustration only grows.

You become angry towards women and can often start placing the blame on them and everyone else.

Trust me, when a woman say “Maybe” or “I’ll get back to you next week”, she’s NOT interested and is trying to be polite about it.

She’s not “thinking about it” and there’s no one she needs to “consult” with first.

If a woman is being flaky or is clearly not interested, MOVE ONE!

Now, one thing I will tell you about moving on really quick is that you’ll experience A LOT more rejections and at a much faster rate.

However, there’s 2 huge benefits to this:

1. A no today is better than a no at another time

For men who get really rattled by rejection, this can initially be tough to swallow as the rejections can pile up fast.

However, this is excellent as you can find out right away where you stand with certain women.

When you don’t hear that no right away, it often plays tricks with your mind.

Perhaps you have some “hot chicks” on your Facebook account or some matches on Tinder that “kind of” reply back to your messages.

Deep down, you know it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever get them on a date but since they still respond to your messages from time to time, you don’t bother pursuing other women as you think there’s still that glimpse of hope.

Well, guys, after you’ve chatted with a woman for a certain period of time, it’s definitely a good idea to make a move and try to set something up with her.

Even if she rejects you, you’ll feel more relieved and at peace.

You won’t constantly be thinking, “I wonder what would have happened if…..”

You’ll know for sure one way or another even if it initially stings.

Plus, even if she says no, you get the benefit of number 2….

2. You get to focus more time on women who ARE interested in you

By far, the biggest advantage of moving on quickly from uninterested women is that the less time you spend with them, the more time you get to spend with women who are interested.

For example, when I was doing a lot of approaches during the day, I quickly learned how to read a woman’s body language.

If a woman was showing little signs of interest, I would then quickly ask for her number or sometimes just walk off in the middle of the conversation.

Plus, I lived in a small area so I had this “primetime” window of about noon to 1pm to get a large volume of approaches in.

There were days that I was very limited on the amount of time I had to approach so I knew if I spent too much time approaching the wrong woman/women that it would cut into the time I could spend pursuing women who were a better option.

You’ll be amazed at how much better your dating life will improves when you put this simple tip into practice.

For example, some of you have probably had experiences before with women where things seemed “magical.”

She gladly gives you her number and the date seems to go perfect.

In fact, perhaps the date goes so well that she meets you for another one, and so on and so forth.

Was there anything different you did with this woman as opposed to the ones who barely gave you the time of day?

In many cases, there was nothing different you did at all.

Now to be fair, it does have a lot to do with you.

You’re a great guy and she wanted to meet a guy like you.

However, unlike the other women who paid little attention to you, chances are this woman is just a better fit for you.

You have more in common with her and there’s more mutual physical attraction.

When you spend less time with women who aren’t interested, you get to put yourself in situations like this much more frequently.

And, when you get to spend time with women who are into you, it’s a “win-win” for both parties 😉



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